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5 star rating I don’t normally write reviews but in this case I thought I should share – I have used this app quite extensively and have been impressed.

We all find reasons why peers and colleagues stand in the way of what we want to achieve.

This tool helps you organise your perspective, understand what your part is in resolving issues, and in a nice way holds you to task

 I’d give the app 5 stars for content, but it took me a few minutes to work out how to navigate. You get asked questions that you might not expect (at least, I didn’t). It’s like having a quiet word with yourself – a chance to re-write, or just recognise some of your old prejudices. And although it doesn’t offer advice or solve any problems for you, it does seem to make starting to resolve things a whole lot easier
5 star rating At first I used this app to solve an issue I was having with another colleague. But the more I used it, the more I realised that it could be used to better my relationship with my whole team, as well as improving their attitudes towards each other! It provides all the wisdom of a workplace mentor or coach at a fraction of the price. I cannot recommend this app enough.
5 star ratingWe’ve been testing this app in my sales team and it paid for itself in the first meeting. It’s amazing how it unlocks your thinking! I don’t think any of us had thought much about this kind of stuff, but it’s compelling. And gives you ideas on your own.

But what’s best is what happens in a team. We’re just getting the hang of it (after a couple of tries, it has to be said – not everyone was on board to begin with).

A fun, insightful toy that is already improving things inside and outside this team.

5 star rating I downloaded the app today and it’s fantastic! An app that encourages you to reflect on your working relationships, impact on others, and the need to focus on each others humanity – and not their faults.
See all Reviews on iTunes. Buy now, for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch
Get New Team Members On Board
Make Things Better at Work
Before You Invest in Corporate Change
Us:Work strengthens the individual by 
  • Building confidence, integrity, and strength in relationship
  • Re-igniting purpose at work
  • Enhancing creativity, reducing stress, developing fulfilment
  • Improving loyalty and motivation
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Us:Work is for teams who want to
  • Experience peak performance
  • Bring out the best in each other
  • Be more resourceful, find creative solutions
  • Strengthen relationships with other teams
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Us:Work is a quiet, dynamic force across organisations
  • Profoundly disruptive, it helps people see each other, their customers, and their work in a new light
  • These subtle transformational insights encourage transformation in others
  • Good influence spreads across the organisation, even if not everyone has the app
  • Vision, Mission and Organisational Purpose are renewed and re-aligned in service
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Us:Work is for Leaders who want to
  • Gain traction with seemingly intractable problems
  • Lead even if they are not in charge
  • Develop their value through a strong service ethic
  • Stand their ground respectfully in challenging relationships
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Us:Work can
  • Back up HR initiatives, standing behind almost any programme to support its aims
  • Reduce resistance to centrally-designed, locally-implemented roll-outs
  • Assist the on-boarding process, and help contract workers to integrate and deliver more quickly
  • Underpin performance review processes, easing the load and improving communication.
To multiply results from Us:Work, register here for a public teleseminar. To have 1-1 or group telecoaching, contact us here
Us:Work will Enhance Your Proposition and add Value by
  • Boosting your clients results
  • Introducing new angles to your work together, bringing further depth to your relationship
  • Helping your clients to work on their influence and relationships in between your sessions
  • Allowing you to increase the scope of your work with current and potential clients.
To multiply results from Us:Work, register here for a public teleseminar. To have 1-1 or group telecoaching, contact us here
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Us:Work: The Profound Tool to Build Strong Relationships and Enlightened Results

  • Virtually unlimited capacity, so you can include all your colleagues and customers.
  • 5 different kinds of workplace relationships mean that you can revitalise relationships across your organisation.
  • Because you examine your motive, you are able to take new, powerful responsibility for standing your ground, influencing, and contributing to each colleague’s results
  • By using your personal lock, you need never share your thoughts with anyone else.
  • The ‘Us Universe’ allows you to see all your workmates at a glance, while the colours and movement engage your creative intelligences towards them.
  • Over 500 re-motivating questions help you illuminate how to change to get bigger, better results
  • You can note your insights and send them to yourself, to make sure you act on them
  • Because Us:Work gives you quotes, you reconnect with other great influencers while you are reflecting


Current culture tends to encourage getting, rather than giving.

Us:Work swims against that tide.

When we are contributing
in the right spirit
the whole game changes.
Results are greater in every way.


Most people focus on how they look, to others. This gives their power away.


It changes the way others look, to you. It brings you back to your senses.


The currency of economics has changed. It's now strength of connection and depth of relationship.


Old economic models encouraged objectification.
Our new Connected Economy is all about people.
Us:Work explores motive, discouraging objectification, helping to
strengthen integrity in relationships.


We are often blind to our real motives, setting ourselves (and often our teams) up for failure.


Us:Work helps you to reveal your motives.
You start to see your deeper aims more clearly, in the light of other people.
What you then do is based on those insights.


Your innate senses are brought to bear using light, colour, sound, touch and philosophy.


We often blind ourselves, and then justify our crooked thinking.
Side-stepping this blindness illuminates the bigger picture, making more solutions available.


For years people have wrestled fruitfully with the world-renowned philosophy behind Us:Work.


Based on the ideas of Martin Buber, Us:Work provides a strong platform for useful dialogue – whether having a quiet word with yourself, or thinking about how to be of best use with other people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it works perfectly on an iPad, though developed for the iPhone and iPod touch
No! The purpose of Us:Work is to help you see differently. The process of considering yourself in relation to the other person is the result. Us:Work is not an oracle! It’s meant to help you access your best thinking, where other people are as important to you as you are to yourself.
No. Some of the questions are designed to move your thinking along, while others are graded in terms of motive
Us:Work requires space, and your time. You should gain benefit and perspective in about 20-30 minutes, if you are able to disassociate from external things and give the person you are considering your full attention. Us:Work is perfect for a commute, for preparing for an interview, or for putting your feet up and letting your mind relax in a new way
No. It won’t help you to change anyone else. That said, a genuine change in you towards other people will invite change in them. They may, of course, refuse that invitation.
No. Us:Work does not give advice, or suggest any kind of behavioural change. It works at a deeper level than that. The theory is that even if you change your behaviour, your influence will not change – the relationship will stay conflicted – unless you change the way you see the other person. Us:Work helps you to see them differently. New behaviour springs spontaneously from that change, and is likely to have a different effect.
No. It does not make suggestions on improving relationships. Us:Work is designed to help you to access your own expertise. You already have the answers you need; Us:Work helps you to find them. It does this by helping you to see in the light of someone else. If you want advice on workplace relationships, or explanations, philosophy, or more ‘head’ stuff, Us:Work is not that place. However, you may find it helpful to explore these ideas on the Me or Us social media pages. Our discussions would be richer with your participation.
There’s no limit, though your Us Universe might get a bit crowded! You can input relationships from all over your life: But wait, there’s more… You can also re-think relationships from your past, that you no longer consider to be a part of your life. Perhaps you argued with a friend and drifted apart, or broke up a partnership and have not spoken since. Considering these people with Us does not mean that you open up old wounds or need to bring that person back into your life, but you may find that your picture of them is altered now, and the new perspective is helpful for you. (All our relationships are part of us, even if we think we have left them behind…)
There is no need for the other person to use the app! It might be good if they did, but they don’t have to. And if they did, there is no reason that you should want to know about it. If you change the way you are towards them, that is enough. They don’t need to change at all. By using Us apps, you are changing. You are becoming someone who sees them differently. The relationship you have with this person cannot continue in the same way, so long as they are real to you. It’s a deep and empowering question, because when a relationship is troubled, it often appears that if we change, rather than the other person, then we ‘lose’ in some way. But that is a hopeless position for us, because if we need them to change, then we are powerless, because they might not change.
People are reporting all kinds of effects from using Us:Work: An increased ability to stand up for oneself ‘neutrally’ – that is, without aggression; Tension between people is released; Team performance is improved; ‘Problem’ people at work no longer see so difficult; A sense of rightness, strength and possibility; Improved business culture; Peace with the past and faith in your future
The first time you use the app, you might find only a few questions useful, and some may be downright confusing. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – the mind does not open up in a linear way.

However, we’ve collected feedback on all the questions, and they are all in the app because they have been found useful. It may be that there are some areas of this person’s life about which you cannot possibly know, and so the questions in that area may not seem applicable. You may choose not to answer questions in a whole section of that persons life, and the app allows you to do that. However, it might still be interesting for you to wonder about that areas of the persons life, simply because they have a life in that area. Notice the assumptions you make as you answer the questions. At some of the questions, you may think ‘well, the question doesn’t apply’, but ask yourself also why you don’t know about that person. Keep wondering, and you might find something useful in that. We suggest that you answer the question as well as you can, and then move on. The point of the questions is to work on you, to make other questions land well, so that you begin to see realities to which you’ve previously been blind. If you continue to have a problem with a particular question, bring it to Facebook or Google+ and others can tell you how they’ve found it works for them – or doesn’t.

Estimates vary. 30 minutes should take you through most of the questions to start with, but you may want to come back and spend more time.
The questions begin to give you new creativity regarding what this person needs, and you want to capture those ideas before they vanish – which they will, if you don’t make a note! You may have a hunch that there is a different way of being with the person, or a better way of holding them in your mind, and so you make a note of that. Often there is a action you want to take, associated with that – usually an action that is remarkably simple to carry out. There’s no rule, then. People are finding that two notes per section seems to be enough – you don’t want to fall into the perfectionists trap here, and give yourself lots of work to feel heroic about! (If you do that, you may feel you deserve to have all your actions noticed or appreciated, and that’s not what they’re about). But if you do want to write more notes, you can do so by pressing the + button in the top Right Hand Corner of the Notes screen. You can access all the notes from the menu for that person, and you can delete the note once you’ve taken action on it. When you’ve taken action on all your notes, you can come back and reconsider the person again.
As you go through the questions, you probably take some notes. It’s important to act on those notes – however small the actions might be. Insight can be hard to come by in daily life. Letting the questions act on you will provide you with insight. Make them work for you. Some time after the time you spent on the app, and taken actions on your insights, you may want to reconsider the relationship. To be honest, we’re not entirely happy about having this section, as trying to measure success at this kind of work tends to make us more self-focussed, which defeats the object. However, it’s good to remind yourself when change has happened, and anchor in the new way that you see the person. Your answers in the ‘Reconsideration’ area affect the cloudiness of the sphere. You may be seeing this person more clearly. If so, they are likely to be smiling more.
How To Start Using Us:Work

The Best Thing About Us:Work?
It does not have to go 'organisation-wide' .... One person can change a culture

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