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Us:Life. The iPhone and iPad app That Makes Things Better Between People at Home

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• Showing how relationship problems escalate
• Helping to release the need for conflict
• Reinforcing positive influence with others
• Are looking for more, real happiness with lasting results, and are interested in a proven, well-known philosophy
• Want to improve their influence at home, work or school
• Experience manipulation, victimhood or blame, and want a new way through a conflicted relationship
• Make their relationships better
• Improve things between family members, particulalry during or after divorce
• Bring out the best in each other, instead of the expensive worst
• Reduce the costs of conflict between people, including neighbours and families
Design: Light, sound, colour, touch and philosophy combine to bring your senses to your thinking, providing insight that helps you to see your relationship more clearly. You are prompted to act in this light.
Expertise: Us:Life has been built with the experience of over 15,000 hours coaching and facilitating in organisations across the profit and non-profit sectors, and in families. It is based on Martin Buber’s famously robust, simple yet stringent philosophy of relationships.
Insight-based action: As well as prompting reconsideration, Us prompts you to take action on your own insight, to ‘be the change you want to see’
• It won’t help you change anyone else
• It does not provide advice or strategy for changing yourself or the person you are considering, likewise it does not make suggestions of behavioural changes you could make.
You might not see any differences immediately. But the people around you will. You may then start to notice change happening. (Weirdly, though, the more time you spend with Us: Life, the less you will be interested in measuring what is different, because you will be part of it)
Conflicts are solved in the heart – with the help of the head, but not in it. We have designed this app to create an experience that might allow the heart to melt towards another person.
The app requires your time. Don’t attempt this in a rush. Light the fire, put your feet up, give yourself a train or bus journey, a long bath, a park bench, or whatever you need to carve out some space to relax and reflect. You’ll need around 30 minutes to reflect on each person you put into Us:Life
This app is not an oracle! We hope at the very least that it is an invitation to meet with other people attempting this simple, yet profoundly challenging philosophy.

If you want advice on relationships, explanations, philosophy, or more ‘head’ stuff, this app is not that place. However, you might find it useful to explore these ideas with Us: Life on our social media pages.