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In the New Connected Economy, Motive is Transparent As Never Before

True Intent is Visible in Every Area of Work

What this means

  • A Stronger Career
  • More Purposeful Work
  • Less Manipulation / Objectification
  • Straight, Trustworthy Relationships
  • Better (not just more) Efforts
  • Confidence in Change / the Future
  • Hidden resources released, in people and organisations

Us:Work is live in the app store

You can start strengthening relationships with your colleagues and customers straight away

Expertise for Individuals and Organisations

qr button with scanner2Us:Work, our iPhone / iPad app, is now live on the app store

It is designed to help you reflect on all your workplace relationships, supporting your individual, team and organisational projects and goals.

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Deepen your influence, strengthen your relationships, build lasting success.

Me or Us has a small, select team of very highly qualified, experienced Leadership Coaches.

Most coaching takes place on the telephone.

We tend to work in 6-month contracts. Please contact us here if you are interested in 1-1 coaching.

Meet with like-minded people across a diverse spectrum, using powerful ideas as a backdrop to workplace results.

We run public teleseminars – details here.

We also work with groups inside organisations, usually using a combination of teleseminars and face-to-face meetings

Get and give new motivation to your workplace, boost the culture, and make things better between people and teams.

Leaders and trainers inside organisations use Us:Work to leverage results through their organisations. We train in a combination of facilitated face-to-face events, and teleseminars. Please contact us here if you would like to train your people.


Save the time, money and effort wasted on corporate conflicts of any size at any level.

Me or Us ideas are designed to solve conflicts, large or small, between individuals and teams at any level in organisations.

Please contact us here with a brief outline of the results you need.

Who’s behind Me or Us?

Rachel Pryor – Founder

Most stringent, best recognised Global coaching qualification. Qualified in 1999, Certification current, re-assessed every 3 years. 18,000+ hours coaching 1-1 and in groups.
On the faculty for CoachU and Corporate CoachU for 1998-2002
Since 1996, coaching and facilitating across private and public sectors, across many industries.
See LinkedIn Profile for further information
See slideshow opposite
The Arbinger Institute, Leadership and Conflict Resolution organisation, authors of Leadership and Self-Deception and The Anatomy of Peace

Martin Buber – Philosophy